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Prophecy is a Horde raiding guild on Darkmoon Faire, our aim is simple - to complete all 25-man Heroic level bosses.

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01 Feb 2015 - Highmaul cleared!

We are in the top 40.000 guilds! Aiming for top 30.000 for next raid tier.

Yay us!

14 Dec 2014 - Two bosses down!


They died, see?
Saying our goodbyes is never easy, and after nearly six years as a 25-man raiding Guild - it’s even harder.

We recently announced the disbanding of our 25-man raiding team, it's the toughest decision we've made, but it seemed inevitable after 10-man raiding was brought into line with 25-man status.

There was no drama, we simply found it too challenging to maintain a full 25-man raid team. What will happen of the guild is really unknown, perhaps it will go back to it's roots.

From the very early days (formed in September, 2006) our guild has always prided itself on the community spirit over so-called ‘hardcore’ raiding. Whilst this all came to a head around March 2008, with the near collapse of the guild, it was a the merger with Stormreavers later that month which really set in stone the successes we were later to see.

We have plenty of movies which record our successes, although what you won’t see is all the silliness and banter in the background - the stuff that made us who we are.

1) Watching the Mirmiron video brings back memories of the rare boss spawn after the fight; which often wiped us. There were no tactics to handle the Hookgab boss and all his bombs adds, I fear Kaas and Sini took the brunt of the chaos and destruction of those encounters.

2) Reading the Algalon (10-man heroic) fight again, someone’s crazy idea late one night, was defeated with only seconds to spare before the Server Reset boss spawned.

3) The high, and some would say foolish, optimism that Skyhoof would survive more than a few moments:

[Raid][Aranellis]: My Power Word: Fortitude on Skyhoof will expire in 30m.
[Raid][Ghoofy]: you're being o
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